The Light Express Roadshow at University of Southampton

Lasers and fibre optics are both technologies some of our artist's love to create with at our light trails and 2023 is no exception!

The University of Southampton and their The Light Express Roadshow are partnering with us by taking their dazzling Light Express show on the road to students studying, GCSE Science and A'Level Physics, in schools across Hampshire. It features a laser light display, created by powerful lasers not seen outside research labs, with a series of fascinating visual demonstrations exploring the physics of light and the science behind the internet, developed at The University of Southampton. It is a fascinating show and we were blown away by it! Some of the workshop participants will be invited to our VIP launch to see lasers and fibre optics in action and we hope the experience will inspire some young people to become light artist's in todays exciting world, filled with both creativity and technology!

The Light Express covers several key areas of the national curriculum from key stage 4 science including characteristics of waves, the electromagnetic spectrum, refraction and diffraction and how more information can be transmitted. The show is for 200 - 250 students and can be booked morning, afternoon, or after school. It takes about 2.5 hours to set up prior to the start time and the show lasts approximately 45 minutes.

During Light Up Sir Harold Hillier Gardens you will see both lasers and fibre optics used to create wonderful immersive moments.

All our school workshops are booked up now, but look out for some of these UBER clever PhD students walking around our light trail, handing out funky glasses, that totally change the way you see the lights!   For more info on The Light Express Roadshow, and the science behind light go here

If you would like to book a school workshop for your school GCSE and A'Level students go here.

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