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May 2024

In our pursuit of sustainability, Light Up Trails acknowledges its obligation to the environment that extends beyond mere compliance with legal and regulatory standards. We are steadfast in our commitment to minimising our ecological footprint and consistently enhancing our environmental practices as fundamental components of our event planning and infrastructure. Regular review points are integrated into our operations to ensure ongoing progress. We actively advocate for the participation of artists, designers, suppliers, customers, sponsors, and all stakeholders in this endeavour, urging them to embrace similar principles of environmental stewardship.


At our event, we're dedicated to minimising our environmental impact at every turn, including how our guests access their tickets. We actively encourage ticket holders to embrace digital ticketing by storing their tickets on their smartphones, eliminating the need for paper printouts. By opting for electronic ticket scanning upon arrival, not only do attendees enjoy added convenience, but collectively, we significantly reduce paper waste and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. This simple yet impactful initiative underscores our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting eco-conscious practices throughout our event experience.

Light Pollution

The Light Up Trail has been meticulously crafted by seasoned lighting and event designers with extensive expertise in outdoor landscape settings. Our primary objective is to foster a profound connection between visitors and the natural environment, urging them to rediscover the splendour of nature. Recognizing the importance of mitigating light pollution, we strategically utilise darkness to subtly enhance the allure of our installations. Guests are encouraged to adapt to the subdued lighting as they traverse the trail, immersing themselves in the serene ambiance. Continuous lighting of trails and paths is minimised, with audience lighting employed where essential for safety and in strict adherence to Health and Safety regulations. Our trail features LED lighting products renowned for their exceptional efficiency, consuming 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, thus reducing our ecological footprint. Installation methods adhere to industry best practices, ensuring seamless integration with the site's landscape. Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends to wildlife preservation, with illuminated walks confined to specific areas to minimise disturbance. Additionally, we promptly deactivate light and sound effects upon visitors' departure, safeguarding the tranquillity of the environment for generations to come.

The Land

Our partners are committed to holistic approaches in farming and land management, prioritising environmental preservation and long-term sustainability across their venue. Through rigorous sustainability plans, our partners demonstrate their dedication to safeguarding the land for future generations and minimising their ecological impact.

Noise Pollution

Our sound installations are meticulously crafted to complement the enchanting atmosphere of our light displays, with the sound company working diligently to ensure that the auditory experience is confined to specific areas, seamlessly integrated within designated zones. We prioritise maintaining the purity of the auditory experience, ensuring that the only sounds that resonate are the natural ambient noises generated by our visitors as they traverse the trail. We are deeply considerate of our neighbours residing in the surrounding area, conscientiously minimising any potential disturbances to their tranquil environment.

Fuel and Power

In 2023, we embarked on a transformative journey towards energy efficiency, achieving a remarkable 33% reduction in our fuel consumption. This milestone was reached through meticulous planning, where precise power requirements were calculated and seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our operations. Embracing innovation, we implemented strategies such as using a combination of smaller generators during standby hours alongside larger ones and prioritising mains electricity whenever possible. Additionally, we introduced energy tariffs for our traders, fostering a culture of responsibility and encouraging mindful energy consumption throughout our event. These proactive measures not only reduce our environmental footprint but also set a precedent for sustainable practices within our community, underscoring our commitment to a greener future.


We encourage our traders to provide FSC-assured wood cutlery and recyclable or biodegradable takeaway packaging.

Carbon Footprint

We have taken a pivotal step towards sustainability by prioritising local suppliers, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint. With at least 80% of our core site suppliers located within a 35-mile radius of our venue, we significantly cut down on CO2 emissions associated with transportation. This conscious decision reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship, and we are steadfast in our resolve to further strengthen these practices in the future. By fostering partnerships within our local community, we're not only reducing our impact on the planet but also supporting regional businesses and economies. Together, we're building a more sustainable and resilient future.

Food and drink

At our event, sustainability extends to every aspect, including the culinary experience. We prioritise local, seasonal, and sustainable street traders and suppliers, ensuring that each bite reflects our commitment to responsible sourcing. Embracing diverse dietary preferences, we offer a range of free-range, vegetarian, and vegan options, catering to all tastes while promoting ethical food choices. Our dedication to supporting local communities extends to our bar suppliers, 50% of whom are local businesses. By championing local flavours and eco-friendly practices, we're not just serving food and drinks; we're nurturing a sense of community and stewardship, one delicious bite and sip at a time.

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