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Credits: Northern Lights at York Minster by The Projection Studio

  • Midwinter Night

About artist

Karen is an audio artist and designer, creating soundscapes and sound installations for outdoor public events, arts festivals and exhibitions, particularly in son et lumière.

Having cut her teeth as a sound engineer working in West End theatre, Karen expanded her expertise into working with large format projection work, one of the first people to do so in the UK. She soon moved onto large outdoor projection and sound projects, to explore the creative potential she saw in both. Then, as now, change is a constant and the ability to face that challenge and adapt has marked her approach ever since – we never stop learning.

An experienced researcher and scriptwriter, Karen is especially skilled at working collaboratively with project partners and groups and with a strong sense of narrative storytelling that goes back to her grounding in live theatre, her work casts sound and light as the performers as a range of different disciplines and skillsets converge to create artworks that are seen by audiences all over the world.